We do a couple of Pilates sessions during the weekend, it all depends on the length of the retreat and other activities booked.  There is a schedule designed specifically for each retreat. Classes are not compulsory, but highly recommended!   Each retreat is uniquely designed according to the venue and the attendees.  We leave enough time for you to explore and also to rest.  The benefits of attending a retreat will stay with you for weeks to come as you feel physically stronger and mentally relaxed and rejuvenated.

Come and relax, refocus and recharge!

upcoming weekend retreats:

9-10 October 2021
Our venues are selected to include
healthy, catered meals for the whole weekend.
We leave enough leisure time for you the explore the area or venue.  And also to relax.
Each venue holds its own special atmosphere and unique experience.
Look out for our spa retreats that include a relaxing massage and unlimited Jacuzzi time.